My name is Aleksandr Olkhovskiy, I have been retouching images for over 8 years, during this time I worked on images for a variety of magazines like ELLE, Marie Claire, Schön! Magazine and many others. I also had an opportunity to work on many exciting commercial jobs, on some TV shows, and work with top-tier retouching agencies. I've worked with many amazing photographers(like Daniel Benson and Niv Shank). l enjoy working without borders, most of my clients are from Europe, and some are from the USA.

What makes my work different from other retouch artists?
I think it is an artistic touch when it comes to D&B, after I work on the images they radiate a positive vibe and are a joy to look at. It looks natural and flawless at the same time, sometimes people ask for minimal and natural retouching, referring to some images in my portfolio, which in reality are heavily retouched.

Clear communication, reliability, and work ethics - when it comes to the business side, this is what clients usually comment about me.

Notable clients:
ELLE, Marie Claire, Grazia, Glass Magazine, Telegraph, WWF, Juvederm, HIGHR, 7 For All Mankind, Creative Recreation, and others

Is it worth working with a talented retoucher?
I remember, a while ago, I followed a photographer from New York, who worked with my favorite retoucher (at a time), and his career blew up quickly. He got signed by a top-tier agency. The future looked bright until he and his retoucher had a conflict and went down different paths. He hired somebody else. Not as good. His work stagnated, and the agency let him go. This shows how working with a talented retoucher can help your career. I've seen this growth with my clients too, from having nothing to campaigns for brands like Yves Rocher in less than 1.5 years.

I have seen a clear correlation between the improved quality of retouching and an increase in the amount and caliber of work that follows shortly

If you want to feel safe about your post-production, have an edge over your competition, and want to grow - let's work together!

get in touch: contact@aleksandrolkhovskiy.com

Editorial rate: 300eur/day
Commercial rate: 400-600eur/day

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